PC-BSD 1.4 Screen Shots

There has been a flurry of reviews (PC BSD Day 30 Verdict, Joe Sixpack Goes BSD, and PC-BSD an initial look) corresponding to the PC-BSD 1.4 (Leonardo) release. I've been aware of PC-BSD, and other niche BSD derivatives such as DragonFlyBSD, DesktopBSD, MidnightBSD, and PC-BSD which are all derived from the most popular 4.4BSD-lite descendant: FreeBSD.

I must admit I started installing the software with low expectations, I was expecting a slightly tweaked KDE theme at best once the installer was finished.

What I discovered was nothing short of the Ubuntu of the FreeBSD world -- a highly polished distribution built on a rock solid foundation.

I was going to do a more in-depth review, but so much time has passed I'm not sure I remember everything that is relevant, so for now I'm just going to throw up the screens shots I have and hopefully that will convince you to take the dive yourself!

Find out about how I went from the system installer to World of Warcraft, Java and Eclipse on a FreeBSD system in under 30 minutes.

PC-BSD World of Warcraft